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Swedenborg Association of Australia

Since 1992, the SAA has been offering useful events, discussions and material about spiritual life and the spiritual world from the unique experiences and writings of Emanuel Swedenborg. Our aim is to help us prepare for richer experiences ahead, and to relate Swedenborg's writings to our lives.

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10am: read and reflect on Swedenborg's writings

In these Zoom sessions we read slowly through one of the works of Swedenborg or something closely related, and reflect on what we are reading.

noon, 7pm: explore insights based on the work of Dr Philip Groves

Dr Philip W Groves taught us Swedenborg principles and integrated it with science and Fourth Way teachings from Gurdjieff, as well as Sufism and practices from psychology and other streams of esoteric Christianity.

No bible study this fortnight as Howard Thompson is in USA

Due to Howard being in the USA there will be NO bible study this fortnight.