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10am-3pm: weekly art participation on Correspondences of Egypt - week 3


We are offering live in-person art classes at the Swedenborg Centre to four people, plus an unlimited number of people on Zoom.

The subject of our art endeavours will be Correspondences of Egypt - guidance on the subject will be provided at each class.

Session will run from 10am to 3pm every week.

Live participation is offered to the first six people who sign up (booking required, $5 per class), while Zoom attendees can participate for free (no booking required for ZOom use). Click to join Zoom when the meeting time arrives.

Tuition provided by Philip Ashton, former Principal of the Julian Ashton Art School.

Things you will need:

  • some A3 size sheets of acid-free paper (even lightly tinted is fine);
  • a few pencils ranging anywhere in hardness from HB through to 6B;
  • a pencil sharpener;
  • a soft eraser (a kneadable eraser is recommended);
  • a backing board (e.g. cardboard, plastic, corflute, plywood, or a flat art folder);
  • your lunch;
  • if you are attending in person at the Centre: $5 to cover costs (no cost if you are on Zoom).

For bookings and further enquiries, please email for attendance information,

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