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Swedenborg Centre open to visitors

Details for visiting the Swedenborg Centre

The Swedenborg Centre is open to visitors, subject to current NSW Public Health Order rules.

We expect that if you visit the Centre you:

  • are fully vaccinated (and can prove it if requested)
  • sign in using the QR code
  • wears a mask indoors if not eating or drinking.

We are presently still required to limit visitors based on the 4 square meter per person capacity, which allows the Centre to have 4 people per room (we have 2 rooms). Visitor numbers should eventually double (probably on December 1st, following the announcements by NSW Health department).

Please, if you are experiencing any symptoms, or have been in contact with people who may have Covid, or are otherwise feeling unwell, then we ask you to postpone your visit and to get tested, and to phone or email us to arrange an online conversation instead.

All our online activites are continuing as usual - see the events section (“see all events”) to check what’s on, where you’ll find event details and Zoom links to join in once each event starts.

New information will be posted here as it becomes available.