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Dr Philip Groves

Dr Philip W. Groves received PhDs in Biochemistry, Divinity and Psychology as well having specialised interests in the fields of Natural Medicine (diploma of Naturopathy), Chemistry, Marine Biology, Egyptology, Comparative Religion and Botany. He taught for over 40 years in universities, natural therapy colleges, and privately for his own groups of people until his passing into the spiritual world in 1999. The foundation of his teaching, whatever the topic, was always to guide people into the abundance of life, creative expression of life’s potentials as well as developing greater knowledge and understanding of the world in which we live. These higher goals were explored by the use of practical application and real methodology founded in science, history, botany, Esoteric Christianity, Sufism and the works of Gurdjieff and Emanuel Swedenborg. Dr Groves taught in a relaxed manner, demonstrating at all times his love for the world and the Work; a search for truth, wisdom, love and good, and belief that maintaining these aspects of life must become part of our understanding and fill our everyday life.

Swedenborg's Vision (Tricentenary)

Dr Philip W Groves -

Swedenborg and Science of Correspondences

Dr Philip W Groves -

Dynamics of Creation

Dr Philip W Groves -

Myths Symbols & Parables

Dr Philip W Groves -

Rebirth and Transformation

Dr Philip W Groves -

Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs

Dr Philip W Groves -

Fantasy and Reality

Dr Philip W Groves -

Swedenborg's Mighty Contribution

Dr Philip W Groves -

Western Mandalas

Dr Philip W Groves -

What are we living for?

Dr Philip W Groves -

Dr Michael Stanley

Dr Michael Stanley was Principal of the New Church College, a Swedenborgian theological seminary in Manchester, England. With a doctorate in Physics, his career moved from research in solid state physics to philosophy, psychology, and religion and particularly to the spiritual symbolism of the Bible as set forth by Swedenborg. Dr. Stanley has particular interest in the synthesising potential of the New Age, and of the power of Swedenborg’s teachings in focusing this synthesis toward spiritual renewal.

The following Dr Stanley audio talks also have transcripts available (click on the link below to read and download the transcript):

Life After Death (lecture transcript)

Evidence for Life After Death (lecture transcript)

Laws of the Spiritual World (lecture transcript)

Effect of Other World on this World (lecture transcript)

Below are the audio files.

Life After Death

Dr Michael Stanley -

Spirals of Spiritual Evolution

Dr Michael Stanley -

Lecture on Healing of our Spirit

Dr Michael Stanley -

Evidence for Life After Death

Dr Michael Stanley -

Laws of the Spiritual World

Dr Michael Stanley -

Effect of Other World on this World

Dr Michael Stanley -


Dr Michael Stanley -

Dynamic Patterns of Spiritual Growth

Dr Michael Stanley -

Inner and Outer Worlds

Dr Michael Stanley -

Guided Spiritual Mediation 1

Dr Michael Stanley -

Guided Spiritual Mediation 2

Dr Michael Stanley -

Appearance and Reality, Relating Finite Soul and Infinite Source

Dr Michael Stanley -

Emanuel Swedenborg’s The Heavenly City

In a time of spiritual upheaval Swedenborg sought to understand the deeper nature of spiritual realities. He first tried by exploring the outer world through the sciences, but as his search deepened he was drawn into exploring his own nature. Eventually a door was opened to him revealing not only the true nature of his own spirit but also the entire spiritual reality across all worlds in great detail, which he continued to experience, explore and document daily for around three decades. The clarity, consistency and holistic nature of his account, as well as its breadth and unprecedented detail, are priceless to any spiritual searcher. In this small book he draws together in a simple form and language all the great themes of his spiritual search and experience, which makes it an excellent starting point and summary.

Translator's Preface

Intro - New Heaven and New Earth - What Is Meant by New Jerusalem

Prologue to the Teachings

Goodness and Truth

Will and Understanding

Inner Self and Outer Self

Love in General

Love for Ourselves and Love for the World

Love for Our Neighbor or Caring





Taking Credit

Repentance and Forgiveness


Crises of the Spirit


The Holy Supper


Heaven and Hell

The Church

Sacred Scripture or The Word


The Lord

Ecclesiastical and Civil Governance

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