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  • offTheLeftEye has great videos exploring the afterlife, angels and spirits, near-death experiences, God, spirituality, and much more, and discusses how they relate to modern-day life.
  • Splendors of the Spirit excellent hour-long film on the life and legacy of Emanuel Swedenborg
  • Swedenborg Australia YouTube channel has videos of talks in Australia on Swedenborg and spirituality - includes Spiritual Rays of Light a slideshow of Swedenborg concepts.

Spiritual practice sites

  • Logopraxis - spiritual practice dedicated to bringing a spiritual perspective to living life. What you will find here are a range of videos and online courses focused primarily on working with spiritual texts as a basis for cultivating a transformative spiritual practice.
  • Regeneration, Spiritual Growth Regeneration is the word Swedenborg uses to describe our growth as spiritual beings - a process of being created anew as spiritual people bound for heaven. He describes regeneration as a three-step process, one that begins with self-reflection, turning towards a better inner life, deepening our understanding, and finally focusing on the regeneration of our will and affections.
  • A Daily Spiritual Practice Based on Swedenborg’s Rules of Life - according to James Lawrence, Swedenborg’s “Rules of Life” incorporates the essence of two popular Christian spirituality practices, Lectio Divina and the Ignatian Examen.

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